Tambov region is known for its rich historical and cultural heritage reflected in its various monuments. Almost all kinds of cultural heritage typical for central Russia are represented in the region. They are archeological monuments dating back to the periods from Mesolithic era to the late Middle Ages, the monuments of military defense nature from the 17th century, wooden architecture, country estate ensembles of the 18th-beginning of 20th centuries, the historical monuments associated with the names of many prominent public figures of science and culture.

Tambov fortress was founded in 1636 to defend Muscovite state from nomads. Tambov has retained its mission of a fortress through the centuries with credit. By the end of the 17th century, the town had lost its former significance as a military sentry fortress gradually transforming into the main cultural center of the region.

Russian poet and famous public figure G.R. Derzhavin who was the head of Tambov region from 1786 to 1789 promoted the development of its culture life considerably. Under his rule the province center had been built up. Thanks to his efforts, a theatre and a publishing house were opened. A choir and orchestra were arranged as well as four-class public college and provincial newspaper called “Tambov News”.

Tambov is known as the motherland or the workplace of many famous Russian personalities – writers, painters, musicians, figures of art and culture. Karaul country estate was the birthplace of the outstanding thinker, B.N. Chicherin, who wrote a great number of treatises on philosophy, law, chemistry and biology. Poet E.A. Baratynsky spent his adolescent years in Vyazhli village and kept coming back. P. I. Tchaikovsky used to visit the Shilovskies’ country estate in Usovo village in the 70s of the 19th century. He created here his symphonic fantasia “The Storm”, Symphony No 2 and 3 and started his “The Oprichnik” opera. Vernadovka country estate is associated with the name of academician V.I. Vernadsky. It is impossible to evaluate S.V. Rakhmaninov’s contribution to the world culture. Tambov branch of Rakhmaninov family and its notable members are forever in the history of Tambov land. It is hard to imagine the development of world biology and breeding without academician I.V. Michurin’s achievements. He is the creator of many breeds of fruit and berry cultures.

Today the regional culture is actively developing. More than 1440 objects of cultural heritage are located in the region. More than 150 museum welcome tourists.
Besides the traditional events organized annually – Rakhmaninov international music festival, Agapkin and Shatrov festival of brass music, Rybakov theatre festival. The time-honored traditions of trade fairs are being reborn. Among highly-anticipated trade fairs held every year is International Pokrovskaya (Intercession) trade fair and “Bondari carousel”. Some folk holidays are organized to breathe a new life into long-forgotten traditions: the Holiday of Russian sarafan in Izosimovo, Michurinsk district, or “Atmanov fisticuffs” traditional games in Atmanov Ugol.