The center and the heart of Bondari district is Bondari village founded in the 17th century. Since olden times, the village had been famous for agriculture and handicrafts including coopery: production of various barrels, tubs, vats and other wooden utensils. That’s where the name of the village comes from.      

Bondari had been the center of woolen industry in the region for two centuries. The first cloth factory was built in Bondari in 1726.

In the first half of the 18th century the village belonged to the lady of the manor, baroness Pospelova. In 1814, the cloth factory in Bondari was bought by manufacturer Martyn Lion. Lion’s plans were extensive. Already in the 30s of the 19th century he intended to organize the production of broadcloth and carry out the commerce with China and Persia. But Lion passed away and his factory passed into the hands of his wife, Tatiana Arapova, the famous philanthropist. It was her who donated most of the money for the construction of Trinity church that still exists today.          

Although many years have gone by but the village and district are still populated by working people who remember the history, traditions and local folklore, who value natural products.

Other tourist attractions are Epiphany church in Pakhotny Ugol village, Church of St. Nicholas in Krivopolyanye and “Bondari star” monument of nature.

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