The Akhlebinins’ grove

The park is located in the southern part of Tambov. The park represents a natural grove with mixed coniferous-deciduous forest. There are more than 2500 trees in the forest, 700 out of them are lindens. There are also larch, chestnut, pine trees as well as numerous bushes in the forest. The strong Akhlebin oaks are quite impressive too. The age of some of them is more than 300 years. The small Tambov river called Zhigalka flows through the park. The history of the park counts more than three centuries form the moment of its foundation. Earlier, in place of the park, there used to be a spacious estate owned by the Akhlebinins. A large pond, called Kopon, was dug out on the territory of the park by the master’s order.           

Several legends are associated with the history of the estate. They say, the owners of the estate were notorious for their incredible cruelty. Many of their serfs were tortured to death or committed suicide in the pond waters. Since that time, people talk about ghosts walking along the park alleys and mermaids swimming in the pond. They developed a superstitious fear of this place.    

The new stage in the history of the Akhlebinins grove started when the town park was arranged on the territory in the beginning of the 19th century. The walkways were cleared out and the benches were placed there. The sculptures created by the Greek motifs were installed along the park alleys. But during the construction of Moscow-Saratov railway in the 1860s, significant part of the park was destroyed. 

In different times of the Soviet years the Akhlebinins‘ grove used to serve as the military training camp and tractor station. According to the “Memorial” society, during the times of the Civil war and mass repressions, the park was used as the burial grounds for the repressed. In 1958, the resolution of the town council gave the Akhlebinins‘ grove a status of a town park called Yuzhny.     

Today Yuzhny Park is a protected area and a natural monument of the regional significance.

“Pekhotka” area, Tambov
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