Barskaya mountain

The mountain is situated to the north-east from Parevka village of Inzhavino district. Here you will enjoy the bird’s-eye view of the amazing beauty of the surrounding area. To the left there is the Ramsa lake, straight – Kipets lake. The juicy colors of the meadow greenery strike with brightness. The turns of the old Vorona river channel are very intricate. The locals call these turns Zuyak. According to one of the legends, the nickname comes from one fisherman’s surname – Zuyev. Another legend explains its origin by the mere fact that the river turns remind of the shape of the letter “Z”.   

Barskaya mountain was called so in the 17th century. Here on the edge of the forest there once was landowner Maria Vinogradova’s house. Her husband was a famous Tambov historian. There was a watermill near the Vorona river the channel of which approached the slope. On the southern slope there was a large garden with a path leading to the spring. This spring was faced with stone and the water in it formed a fountain.  

Neither the park, nor the spring exist here at present. The forest is present only on the slope of one of the hills of Barskaya mountain.

Parevka village, Inzhavino district, Tambov region
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