The Tree of Love

The Tree of  Love is represented by two trees – a pine and an oak joined with one another by the trunks. Both trees are approximately of the same age – about 100 years old. The height of the trees is 26 m while the trunks are about 30 cm thick.   Biologists suppose that the story of this united wonder-tree started after one nurseling was brought to another one with the moved soil, possibly, after the spring tide or heavy rains. Traditionally, the oak, being a pedunculate tree, is believed to symbolyze the masculinity while a pine, Vatereri genus, - with femininity. These trees grow as if hugging each other with their branches and roots. A few meters above the ground the trees give out their oldest branch. This branch is considered to be „the daughter“ of the two trees.  

The Tree of Love is situated 30 km away from Tambov in a picturesque pinery not far from the road leading to Smychka from Tulinovka village. The tree is easy to find – a number of paths guide the visitor to the tree couple. 

Smychka, Tambov district, Tambov region
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