Bolshaya Matyra oak wood

Bolshaya Matyra oak wood is a natural monument of the regional significance. The name of the wood comes from the name of the nearby village and the Matyra river. In the 19th century one could see the flour mills on the gently sloping banks of the broad river. Forest fires and deforestation destroyed the forest almost completely. Only scarce field woodlands are now noticed along the river. 

Originally, the natural monument looked like a group of aspen outliners with steppe vegetation on the periphery. During the post-war years, oak seedlings were planted in the spaces between the outliners. In 1644-1648, there was Matyr islet located near the bend of the Matyra river. The forest had little economic significance. Perhaps, that's why its considerable relict part has stayed to the present time. 

The natural monument has some small areas of virgin steppe vegetation  of  a great number of various species (up to 80 species per a square meter). A number of rare plants can be found here: Russian brandy, low sedge, blueweed etc. The place itself is very scenic in any weather and season.   

Bolshaya Matyra village, Tambov district
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