Catherine's dendrological park

The landscape Catherine's dendrological park was founded in the end of the 19th century by landowner A.A. Ushakov who personally designed the park layout of all the trees and shrubs. The park used to be located on the bank of the river Polnoy Voronezh. In the center of the park there was an orchard surrounded by the tree breeds from North America, Finland, China and other countires. The total number of the trees in the park was estimated in 230 species and varieties of arboreal and  shrub vegetation were planted, including Weymouth pine, Siberian fir, Eastern biota, paper birch, amour lilac, butternut, Manchu nut and bird cherry trees.      

There are five alleys in the park: field, mixed, coniferous-deciduous and three birch alleys with an orchard between them as well as some vegetation reminding of a mixed forest and glades.  

The animal world of Catherine's dendrological park is diverse. A great number of birds populate the park. The Polnoy Voronezh river is a home to the muskrat, beaver and otter. One can meet a hare, a fox, sometimes boars and moose.

Ekaterinino village, Nikifirovka district
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