Deer farm

The sika deer of the Far East has been preserved in small number and protected while the sika deer of the European part of Russia has become an important target for the sport hunters. Chased by hunters, the sika deer nearly disappeared at the beginning of the 20th century. Until now, this animal requires protection because it is very rare and can only be seen in reserves. The Far East (aboriginal) population is included into the Russian Red List of endangered species.        

Sosnovka working settlement is the only place in Tambov region where sika deer live. In 2007, 30 animals were brought to the farm. They got acclimatize, started feeling at home and bred every year. It proves that they feel comfortable in this area. Today, about a hundred deer live in semi-free conditions where specialists look after them. The territory is enclosed by the net through which one can observe the life of these wild animals in almost natural environment.  

Sosnovka, Sosnovka district
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