The Ramza lake

The lake is located in the floodplain of the Vorona River on the territory of Kirsanov district in Voroninsky National Park. In 1979, the lake received the status of the monument of nature.  

The Ramza is a large reservoir with total area being about 3 square km, length – 2,5 km. The maximal width at the moment – 1 km, depth – 10 m while the average depth is 1,5 m. The lake is supplied from the rivers flowing into the Ramza. These rivers are the links between the lake and the Vorona River.    

The water is soft, clean and clear (the visibility is up to 2 m). The bottom is very slimy. The northern and western lake shores are waterlogged and low-lying. The southern shore is more elevated.    

The Ramza lake is beautiful in any season. This place is one of the unique nesting areas of wading birds and waterfowls. It is also a fish spawning spot and a large migrating area of the game. There’s a variety of fish: the perch, the pike, the roach, etc.

Kirsanov district, Tambov region
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