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The Monument to the Tambov Man

The monument includes a three-meter high bronze sclulpture installed on the granite round pedestal in the center of Sochi Park at Kronstadt Square. The sculpture is represented by a figure of a man, a ploughman with a plough looking up at the sky and stepping on the weapons and political slogans. The ploughman symbolizes all the ruined and poor Tambov peasants. The Man in rags is barefoot with a cross necklace standing on a small piece of his land and looks up at the sky with melancholy in his eyes.

The location of the attraction is quite symbolic too. Kronstadt Square used to be a concentration camp at the beginning of the 20s of the 20th century. The camp was for the imprisonment of the national peasants‘ war participants headed by Antonov and other people suspected in disloyalty to the Soviet government. 

The authors of the monument are sculptor Viktor Ostrikov and architect Alexander Filatov.

Sochi Park, Tambov
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