The Vorona River

The beautiful river of many faces is the longest and the most full-flowing of Tambov. The broad flood lands, shady broad-leaved forests, river reaches and shallows, beaches with fine sand – that’s what the Vorona is loved and famous for.

In this part of the region there were many country estates belonging to the noble families and merchants. The Emperor granted the lands along the Vorona to the representatives of the noble families, close associates of the monarchy. Today, thanks to the museums and preserved buildings of the 18-19th centuries, one can find the connection between the Vorona lands and such surnames as Tolstoy, Dashkov, Volkonsky, Petrovo-Solovovo-Perovsky, Vinogradov, Chicherin, etc.     

Even on one-day vacation the changable character of the landscape will make an unforgetable impression on you while kayak-paddling will be remembered as a pleasant touch to the mysterious beauty. At one moment the river banks go up as high as 100 m, at another they lower down to the bottomland forming a large damp flood plain. In some areas the Vorona suddenly changes its East-West course typical for all Russian rivers into the latitude direction; the broad plain, almost flowless river turns into the rough flow with rocky rapids; or it dodges from one stretch to another  like a small gill showing the traces of the Don glacier

Two beaver-muskrat reserves, the only in the region state natural reserve, are the proof of the rich and unique animal world. There are many beavers inhabiting the shores of the river, ducks live in peaceful backwaters, boars, martens, foxes, moose  are very numeours in the forests not far from the river as well.

Tambov region
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