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The Bakunins’ Estate

Old Stolovoye village is not far away from Tambov. It was known as Alexandrovskoye in the past, however, people called it Stolovoye and the name caught on. The village belonged to Alexander Poletika. Tambov branch of the family came from Ivan Poletika, the doctor of medicine, the first Russian professor who got his degree in the university abroad.   

The Bakunins‘ estate, the estate of Alexander Mikhailovich’s descendants, was located a few versts away from Stolovoye. The center of the estate was a spacious one-storey house built on the high foundation. A large glazed-in veranda where tea parties used to be held was attached to the house. A well-groomed park with a pond fed by springs surrounded the building. The estate produced dairy products. There was a large stable and orhacrds there.  

The estate was destroyed during the years of the revolution. The owners‘ house was dismantled and transported to the neighboring village where it had been used for a club. The estate park ran down completely together with the house. A few century-old trees are visible behind the village school. Children play here and it’s a common place for cattle pasture. But locals still remember the Poletik-Bakunins family.

Stolovoye village, Tambov district, Tambov region
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