59.62 BAR

The hearty atmosphere of 59.62 Bar and exceptional service will allow its guests to enjoy real hospitality, excellent cuisine and a large selection of alcoholic beverages.

The bar owners have compiled a program that is recommended to all visitors:

1. Visit the bar, drink a glass of aperitif and have a bite of the most delicate forshmak;

2. Admire the view out of the window, sitting on the comfy window-sill while sipping a glass of champagne, and make sure that Tambov is still a beautiful city!;

3. Drink a couple of shots of the signature home-made liqueur;

4. Order “The choice is yours” cocktail, drink it and count the light bulbs above the bar in 8 seconds;

5. Order a gyro sandwich, a glass of beer and enjoy watching the match of your favorite team.

Cuisine of the venue
  • European
  • Suitable for big companies
10 A, Derzhavinskaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region
+7 (4752) 72-59-62
Mo-Th, Su 17:00-03:00

Fr-Sa 17:00-04:00