Bongiorno Coffee Shop specializes in making coffee from the beans roasted on-site. By a visitor’s request the fragrant drink is prepared in a drip coffee maker or in a coffee pot. Brewed classic espresso is a good choice too. The coffee shop has its own bakery, so a croissant, a muffin or a bun and a cup of coffee will make a great combo. Takeaway meals are also available: first and second courses, salads, rolls, fajitos, etc.

Cuisine of the venue
  • Asian
  • European
  • Fast Food
  • Wi-Fi
  • Takeaway
184, Sovetskaya Str., 34, Sovetskaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region
+7 (4752) 509-500

34, Sovetskaya Str.:
Sun-Thu 8:00-23:00
Fri-Sat 8:00-00:00

184, Sovetskaya Str.:
Mon-Fri 8:00-22:00
Sat-Sun 10:00-22:00